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What does the venue include?

The venue includes the entire use of The Pavillion House – including 3 bedrooms (each with a double bed), 3 bathrooms, large dining room, large living room, fully equipped family style kitchen. There are also two large tiled patios including a large front cocktail patio perfect for entertaining guests upon their arrival or for a sit down dinner. The main allure of the venue are the large sprawling gardens featuring a beautiful ficus tree and a private infinity swimming pool in the upper garden.


How many guests can the venue accommodate?

We allow up to 120 guests in total. Please note that 120 can be seated in the garden or front patio, however for indoor seating, only 25 can be accommodated in the living room.  


Can guests stay overnight in the venue?

Yes absolutely, if you have rented The Pavillion for a period of 24 hours, up to 6 guests are welcome to stay overnight in the bedrooms.


How many bedrooms are available?

There are 3 bedrooms available for guests: 1 honeymoon suite equipped with a 4 poster bed and ensuite bathroom, 2 queen sized bedrooms.


Is there a designated smoking area?

We have a no smoking policy inside the house but guests are free to smoke outdoors as long as cigarettes are disposed of properly and not thrown on the floor.


Is there a secure area to store the wedding gifts?

Wedding gifts can be kept safe in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Please ask our staff for the key.


Are pets allowed on the venue?

A maximum of 2 pets are allowed in the garden but not inside the house. Guests are required to clean up after their pets.


Set Up

What does a typical layout of the venue on the wedding day look like?

It’s up to you how you wish to have your wedding layout however we suggest locating dining tables in the front patio or in the garden outside the kitchen area to allow easy access for caterers and ideal lighting.


Do you have photographs to show other receptions at The Pavillion?

Yes- please refer to tagged images on our Facebook and Instagram @thepavillionhk to view some images of previous weddings and other events at the venue.



When can I start decorating?

It depends when you start your rental period (set up and take down must be included in your rental hours) but we suggest early morning set up for weddings to avoid any overnight weather complications.


Are there decorating restrictions?

The venue does not allow any structure that might damage the grass in the garden and any damage to the walls of the house. The venue must be returned to its original state by check out time.


Can the centrepieces contain candles?

Yes as long as they are in a safe glass container.


Do you allow confetti?

Only natural plant materials (eg real flower petals or leaves). We do not allow plastic or paper confetti.


What outdoor does the venue provide?

The Pavillion provides hanging bulb lighting in the garden outside the kitchen (an ideal spot for dining) and a spotlight on the main tree to light up the garden.




Does The Pavillion provide in-house catering?

No, but we have a list of preferred caterers if you are still looking for catering for your event.


If I hire my own caterer, is there a kitchen/catering equipment for them to use?

Should you wish to hire your own caterer, they will have access to the whole kitchen and can use the back terrace as an additional prep station. However, they will need to bring in their own catering equipment if they require more.




Does the venue provide the alcohol and bar service?

No, please ask suppliers to provide alcohol and bar services.

What drinks are included in the packages?


Can I bring in a band or DJ?

Yes, if you would like suggestions of bands or DJs, please ask Lindsay, our Venue Manager.


What do you have for a sound system? Speakers, microphones, etc.?

The Pavillion does not provide a sound system for bands/DJs, so please ask suppliers to provide this.


What time do you allow the music to play until?

We ask guests to keep noise to a minimum after 10pm. Any problems caused by excessive noise on the night of the event is the client’s concern.


What is the total cost and what is required for a deposit?

Deposit is 50% of the total rental fee and should be paid as early as possible to secure the date for your event. The remaining 50% should be made prior to the event date.


What type of payment can you accept?

Bank transfer only.


What is the cancellation policy?

In the event of cancellation, the deposit will not be refunded.



Are there any photograph or video restrictions?

No, feel free to video as you wish. And please use the hashtag @thepavillionhk if you use social media!


What suggestions do you have for locations to photograph?

Guests love the stone walls as a backdrop or anywhere in the lush gardens.


Rain Back-up Plan

Do you have a contingency plan for bad weather?

If you are concerned about rain on your event day, please ask your suppliers to provide details for a marquee in the garden.


Do they have indoor space available if you need to move people outside to inside?

There is the whole house for guests to take cover in, however the indoor capacity is much less than the outdoor capacity so it depends on the number of guests you have.



Where do guests park and how many spots are available?

There are 2 available spaces for cars at the venue however we recommend leaving the spaces available for vendors and having guests arrive by a prearranged shuttle bus or uber/taxi.


Can shuttle buses get into the venue?

Yes- small shuttle buses (mini bus size of 16 or 24 persons) can bring guests right to the front entrance however large buses will need to drop guests at the bus stop opposite the Caltex station- just 5 minutes walk from the venue.


Is there a carpark nearby?

Yes, there is a very basic and cheap carpark just up the road behind the Caltex station. Less than 5 minutes walk from the venue.

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